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How to Create a Page on Wordpress & Add it To the Menu

  O ne of the first tasks you’ll want to tackle with your shiny new WordPress website is to create a page. Whether you built your own WordPress website, signed up for one on or had one custom-built for you by a professional, creating pages will be one of your primary tasks. Naturally, you’ll also want to add it to your navigation menus so your visitors can find it. This tutorial will teach you the basics of how to create a WordPress page and how to add it to your website’s navigation menu. The length of the post may make the process seem daunting, but it’s really not that difficult. Once you do it a few times, you’ll get the hang of it. How to Create a Page on Wordpress and Add it to the Menu 1. Login to your wordpress site Once you’ve installed WordPress, WordPress will send you your credentials (username and password) to log in to your new WordPress site. You can find your dashboard by typing in  into your URL bar. For example, my domain

What Are Long-Tail Keywords? The Secret Of Ranking FAST In 2021

  Are you not ranking in SERPs(search engine result pages)? You know why? Because you are doing a really big mistake. What is that? Not targeting Long-Tail Keywords, yes this is the big mistake you are doing. Long-Tail keywords are not only helpful in getting rank, rather, it will also help you to boost your CTR which will result in the conversion. You might be wondering  what are long-tail keywords and why use long-tail keywords .  Right? Well, this post will help you to get a deep knowledge of Long-Tail Keywords What Are Long-Tail Keywords?’ Before knowing about Long-Tail Keywords, you should be known what is a Keyword? Keywords are the words and phrases that define your content is all about. Keywords are the words or phrases that people search on Google or other search engines also known as “search queries”. Now look into,  what are Long-Tail Keywords? Long-Tail Keywords are the keywords which have more than 3 words in their body. They are highly converting keywords which have low c