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How To Start Passion Fruit Farming In Kenya: A-Z Guide

Passion fruit farming In Kenya is expanding every day because of its numerous benefits and awareness. The world is gradually coming to one place due to internet activities we can now plant crops that were alien to us but very beneficial in health, nutrition and economy. Passion fruit is one of the top three exporting fruits in Kenya. This fruit has high value in the international market which are amongst the high juice consuming countries uses passion fruit for flavouring. So far in Kenya many people including companies have already started panting passion fruits. We need more investors in this area to reduce the rate of importing the fruits into the country. These plants are vine crops and need support to perform well, the vines can climb anything on its part to grow. And can grow up to 13ft, it is a perennial crop that can produce fruits up to 6 years. Passion fruit can be used in the preparation of juice for flavouring cakes, pies, ice cream etc. The plant can be planted in a very s