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15 Profitable Business Opportunities In Kenya

There are a lot of unemployed people in Kenya. And when I think about this, it really saddens my heart because I strongly feel that there are lots of business opportunities in Kenya and untapped ideas that the average Kenyan can tap into and start making some money from, however small. I know some people would say “What about capital?”, but the fact is that not every business requires huge capital to set up. There are even some businesses that could be started for less than Ksh10,000 or Ksh15,000, so capital really shouldn’t be so much of a stumbling block that would stop any serious entrepreneur from starting small and building a very profitable business in kenya. Here are  business opportunities that you should consider venturing into if you’re looking to start your own business. This article provides 15 top business opportunities in Kenya that will continue to propagate millionaires in the country. List Of 15 Business Opportunities In Kenya 1. Blogging Blogging which started out as