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How To Start Profitable Snail Farming In Nigeria

Snail farming in Nigeria would definitely be one of the most lucrative agricultural business that you can venture with very small capital. But yet, snail farming in Nigeria is one of the most disregarded animal rearing business in Nigeria. 
Snail farming, within a short period of time, can generate you lots of profits if taken seriously. The big question now is, why are Nigerians still wallowing in poverty with this kind of opportunity right in front of them? In my opinion, I will say its negligence. Surprisingly snails are a favorite delicacy for some people. They are not only rich in nutrients but also excellent when it comes to cosmetic and beauty. Unfortunately, despite being a relish for many, they are not always affordable or available all year round. This means therefore that any person that ventures into this low-risk business is guaranteed sure profits as the market cannot be exhausted even if one tries. The following pointers will come in handy when venturing into this type…

Top 15 Business Ideas In Ghana

There are many business ideas in Ghana that have not been fully tapped. Ghana still have a very high unemployment rate. Luckily the country has numerous opportunities for small businesses to thrive. However, some people might complain about the lack of capital.
The good news is that some of these ideas does not require big amount of start-up capital. Now that we have caught your attention, let's introduce you to some of the profitable business ideas that yields high profits
Here Are Best Lucrative Business Ideas in Ghana You Can Start With Little Or No Capital:
1. Poultry Farming
Research shows that a good percentage of Ghanaians consume tons of meat and eggs in their homes, eateries and parties.  Therefore without wasting much time, poultry farming will be gracing our number one spot as a profitable business idea to start within your location It does not require much capital while you can sell many products from your farm. These include eggs, frozen poultry meat and even the day-o…

Top 8 Money Lending Apps In Ghana

Are you in need of cash for emergency use? Or you are looking for the best  lending apps in Ghana. Then look no further for you have reached the right place.

Do you want to pay for rent or you need money to support your business, whatever your financial needs might be, getting a quick loan at the right time is crucial. These money lending apps in Ghana can only give you access to cash range depending on the amount you need to begin with. If you are looking for loans, you might need to look at these well researched money lending apps I have listed in this article.

Lists Of Top Money Lending Apps In GhanaToday we will review these quick money lending apps in Ghana, stating their features which will guide you and give you options on which one to choose from when you are in dire need of a quick loan without collateral. Please note that this list is for mobile money lending apps only and these apps are equally available in the various app stores.  1. Paylater Loan AppThe  Paylater App is one of…

How To Start A Profitable Pig Farming In Ghana

Commercial pig farming in Ghana  is one of the top lucrative businesses to venture since the demand for pork in the country has been skyrocketed in recent years.

The demand for pig products like sausages and smokies are booming business in almost all urban areas in Ghana.  If you are planning to start a profitable pig farming business, then you have come to the right place. Therefore take your time to read through the article. Benefit of a Pig Farming in Ghana The weather climates in Ghana are favorable for pig farming, and this among the many factors that have contributed to the interests of pig farming.Here are some of the advantages derived from pig farming: The reproduction time of pigs is less, and they tend to grow faster than other livestock.
The pigs tend to fatten more quickly by converting the pig feeds into proteins.
Pigs are omnivorous, which implies that they can consume almost all types of feeds like roughages, kitchen garbage, and agricultural waste, among others.
Pig investm…