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Top 15 Business Ideas In Ghana

There are many business ideas in Ghana that have not been fully tapped. Ghana still have a very high unemployment rate. Luckily the country has numerous opportunities for small businesses to thrive. However, some people might complain about the lack of capital.

The good news is that some of these ideas does not require big amount of start-up capital.
Now that we have caught your attention, let's introduce you to some of the profitable business ideas that yields high profits

Here Are Best Lucrative Business Ideas in Ghana You Can Start With Little Or No Capital:

1. Poultry Farming

Research shows that a good percentage of Ghanaians consume tons of meat and eggs in their homes, eateries and parties. 
Therefore without wasting much time, poultry farming will be gracing our number one spot as a profitable business idea to start within your location
It does not require much capital while you can sell many products from your farm. These include eggs, frozen poultry meat and even the day-old chick from your farm.

2. Taxi Business

People travel and move around daily even on  weekends. However, some Ghanaians do not have cars while others find commercial buses uncomfortable. So, with if you have a vehicle and register with either Uber or any other taxi company then you can start your transport business with ease. A very smooth way to make money provided you have the time, therefore it is regarded as one of the top business ideas in Ghana.

3. Home Tutoring Services

Some subjects can be frustrating especially the sciences. But if you have a perfect grasp of these courses and can give a good tutoring on it, you can start home tutorial service. 
Here, you can tutor students in various courses for a specified fee.

4. Fish farming

If you want another profitable small business, consider fish farming. Apart from a low startup cost, it does not demand much space. 
You can even learn the ways of the business within a short period without hassle.

5. Real Estate Agency

Do you have enviable networking skills? Can you connect prospective tenants/buyers with landlords who have properties for sale? 
If yes, you can start a real estate agency and make as high as six figures from commissions or you can equally start up your own real estate company.

6. Photography Services

Ghanaians tends to have great love photography. They will also pay good money to photographers that can create exciting images, therefore I wouldn't be wrong if i listed photography services as one of the profitable business ideas in Ghana.
Even if you don’t know how to use a camera, you can learn the required skills from online tutorials or can even find a professional photographer to tutor you. With excellent marketing skills, you can earn a favourable income from this business.

7. Creche/ Day Care Services

Are you great with kids? Do you love taking care of children? If yes, consider running a daycare service to help busy people take care of their wards and kids. 
However, you will have to ensure that your creche maintains a high standard of hygiene and security.

8. Event Planning 

Ghanaians celebrate various types  events and occasions across the country. Most times they may require the services of an event planner particularly if they want the ceremony to move perfectly.
If you have top-notch planning skills, you can test try your hands at this business. You should also advertise your services to your loved ones, neighbours and acquaintances. With a few excellent jobs, your business will grow via constant referrals.

9. Snail Farming

Few businesses require little capital and space as this venture. Besides, you can sell the snails at prices that ensure high profits. You can even use your backyard as a starting point for the business.

10. Driving School Business

Driving school Business is indeed one of the business ideas in Ghana. With many people interested to learn how to drive especially as various companies and establishments require this skill. If you are a good driver with excellent teaching skills, you can set up a driving school.
Before starting this business, you will need a few vehicles and proper certification from the required authorities in your location.

11. Livestock feed production

With the high rise in livestock farming, running a company that produces feed for livestock stands as a profitable idea. With this move, you will be catering to the needs of numerous farmers in your location.

12. Mini importation

With the rise in e-commerce, you can order gadgets, clothing, and accessories from foreign vendors at cheap rates and sell for a profit in Ghana. 
But before you choose the business, try to research hot selling items in your location.

13. Salons And Hairdresser

Looking good is good business so many Ghanaians troop these places for a hairdo or haircut. You’ll only need a good location, a well-equipped store, and expert stylists to get your business running.
This is indeed one of the best business ideas in Ghana.

14. Drycleaning business

You can also dry clean the laundry of people in your area. To add an edge, offer pickup and delivery services to your clients. This is among the great business ideas in Ghana with which you can tap into your and make money.

15. Catering Services

If you have great cooking and organizational skills, consider setting up a catering service. This is one of the top business ideas in Ghana which stands as a lucrative one due to the huge number of celebrations and events that occur daily.

16. Fashion Design

Many people are moving into this line of business because it is fun and lucrative nature. With proper advertising and raw talent, you can record huge profits. It is very popular with both the male and female folks and the earning power depends on how good your skills are in making designs people want. Definitely one of the top business ideas in Ghana.


Here we have it, some of the top business ideas in Ghana that will yield high profit and also bring solution to some of the problems people are having on a daily basis. 
However, do ensure you carry out proper research and analysis before choosing any o business ideas mentioned in this article.
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Thursday, 16 January 2020

How To Start A Profitable Pig Farming In Ghana

Commercial pig farming in Ghana  is one of the top lucrative businesses to venture since the demand for pork in the country has been skyrocketed in recent years.

The demand for pig products like sausages and smokies are booming business in almost all urban areas in Ghana.
 If you are planning to start a profitable pig farming business, then you have come to the right place. Therefore take your time to read through the article.

Benefit of a Pig Farming in Ghana

The weather climates in Ghana are favorable for pig farming, and this among the many factors that have contributed to the interests of pig farming.

Here are some of the advantages derived from pig farming:
  • The reproduction time of pigs is less, and they tend to grow faster than other livestock.

  • The pigs tend to fatten more quickly by converting the pig feeds into proteins.

  • Pigs are omnivorous, which implies that they can consume almost all types of feeds like roughages, kitchen garbage, and agricultural waste, among others.

  • Pig investments are quite minimal when compared to chickens and cows.

  • Sows have the capability of giving birth twice a year to about ten piglets.

  • The return on investment of the pig farming in Ghana is quite high as compared to other countries.

  • The demand for pork in major urban areas of Ghana is quite high hence favoring pig farming business.

  • The level of unemployment in Ghana is quite high; hence, pig farming can be an alternative source of employment.

  • Pigs can be raised by any person regardless of their current profession since it does not require any form of training.

The Profitability Of Pig Farming in Ghana 

The demand for pork in different parts of Ghana is quite high.
Therefore Pig farming business in Ghana is a goldmine, and if you are planning to start, then this is the right time for you.
There are few pig industries across the country, and you will notice that the pig products are quite expensive.
If you happen to venture into this lucrative business, then you are likely to earn huge profits in the end.

How to Start a Commercial Pig Farming in Ghana 

Are you planning to start a commercial pig farming in Ghana? Well, it is good to note that this is not going to be a walk in the park.
You will need to consider many factors before starting to earn huge profits. You should also note that pig farming is a dirty job, but the profit are is mouth watering.
Here is a simple guide for pig farming in Ghana.

Locate a Suitable Farm:

You will need to select a suitable land for rearing pigs before purchasing them. The area located should be accessible to good transport, clean water and close to the market. 
Determine the size of land that you own since it will help you know the number of pigs to start raising. Ensure the pig farm is away from residential areas but close to the market centers.

Select Suitable Breeds:

There are plenty of pig breeds, but they tend to have different production scale. It is advisable to pick a pig breed that is highly productive to earn maximum profits.
Some of the most profitable pigs in Ghana are Large White, Landrace, Yorkshires, Duroc, and Hampshire pigs. You are required to conduct a thorough research about the pig before purchasing.
Here are some of the main things to consider:
  • A pair of bright eyes.
  • Glossy coat.
  • Alert and responsive to its surrounding environment.
  • Good temperament.
  • Good appeal to food.
  • Easy and normal movement.
  • Free from lameness or any other unnatural signs.
  • Avoid purchasing aggressive pig.

Feeding the Pigs:

Do you know how to feed pigs? Well, this is the first thing to put into consideration. Learn about the pig feeds since they play a vital role in their growth and development.
The good thing with pigs is that they have high feeds conversion.
Quality pig feeds ensure good production hence maximum profits. Pigs are omnivorous; therefore, they can feed on meat, grains, and plants. They eat almost everything.
Furthermore, it is advisable to include proteins and vitamins in their diet as well as other supplements that help to boost their immune system. Piglets are supposed to feed on foods that have higher proteins than adult pigs.

Pig Housing:

Pigs are powerful animals. You need to build a permanent house for them. The stable should be well ventilated to enhance the proper circulation of fresh air and also shade during high temperatures.
You should also note that young piglets are profoundly affected by cold temperatures while adult pigs by high temperatures. This is the reason why pig farming in some parts of Ghana does not thrive.
It is advisable to separate piglets from their mothers so that they can grow and mature faster. Ensure the sty is ever clean and dry to facilitate maximum health care.

Fertility of Pigs:

Breeding pigs is quite easy since they are ever fertile, and they tend to have a shorter gestation period when compared to cows. A sow reaches maturity after 8-9 months, and she has the capability of giving birth.
In a year, a sow is capable of giving birth twice to about 10-12 piglets. If you’re planning to start commercial pig farming, then it is advisable to start at a low budget.

Marketing of the Pigs:

Ghana has a massive demand for pig products as compared to other countries. Some of the ordinary pig products are Pork, Bacon, and Sausages, among others.
If you’re venturing in pig farming in  Ghana, then don’t worry about the market. You can sell your pigs to the nearest local market or direct to the Farmers’ Choice Industry nearby.

Types of Pig Farming  in Ghana 

Pig rearing in Ghana are dependent on the amount of capital an individual has at the disposal. The following are some of the standard methods practiced by many pig breeders in Ghana.

Free-Range Pigs Farming:

The system involves keeping pigs on a large farm where the primary feeds are the grass and Lucerne. Pigs raised on free-range tend to have tasty pork that has natural flavor.
You can supply the pigs with other supplements to ensure they get the required nutrients for faster growth and development. The system is cost-efficient for those breeders with a low budget.

Semi-Intensive Pig Keeping:

This farming system is suitable for those medium breeders. Here the pigs are enclosed in a semi-permanent structure, and they are provided continuously with feeds.
The farmer can get feeds from the farm and also from the market. They are also required to provide them with other supplements for faster growth and weight gain.
The rearing system is time-consuming, but the breeder has a direct connection with the market. The breeding system has huge returns when compared to other rearing systems.

Intensive Pig Rearing:

The system involves raising pigs in a close area in the form of a housing system. The method is suitable for those breeders with direct market connections or is interested in meat production.
The main aim of this system is to raise pigs for slaughter to cut off the cost of feeding. The pigs grow faster due to an adequate supply of food and other supplements.
However, the system requires a high amount of investments since the cost of supplement tend to be high. It is not a suitable pig rearing system for farmers with a low budget.

Types of Pig Breeds for Meat Production in Ghana 

There are plenty of pig breeds in Ghana according to the gestation period and amount of meat production. Here are some of the most famous pig breeds in Ghana for meat production:

1. Large White Pig:

2. Duroc Pig Breed
3. Landrace Pig Breed
4. Hampshire Pig Breed
5. Combrough Pig Breed

Challenges Facing Pig Farming in Ghana 

There are a lot of things that are facing the pig farming in Ghana industry.
This is the reason why the modern pig industry is not able to meet the rising demand for pig products.
Here are some of the common problems facing pig farming in Ghana:
  • The high cost of pig feeds
  • Lack of training institutes
  • Poor transport system
  • Religious barriers
  • Corruption and nepotism in farmer’s choice


If you happen to be a novice farmer, then it is advisable to start small instead of starting big. Pig farming in Ghana is a lucrative venture, and it usually requires a small piece of land to get started.
Locate where to purchase the pig feeds and supplements before venturing into the business.
You will be required to do thorough research about the market.
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Top 8 Money Lending Apps In Ghana

Are you in need of cash for emergency use? Or you are looking for the best  lending apps in Ghana. Then look no further for you have reached the right place.

Do you want to pay for rent or you need money to support your business, whatever your financial needs might be, getting a quick loan at the right time is crucial.
These money lending apps in Ghana can only give you access to cash range depending on the amount you need to begin with. If you are looking for loans, you might need to look at these well researched money lending apps I have listed in this article.

Lists Of Top Money Lending Apps In Ghana

Today we will review these quick money lending apps in Ghana, stating their features which will guide you and give you options on which one to choose from when you are in dire need of a quick loan without collateral.
Please note that this list is for mobile money lending apps only and these apps are equally available in the various app stores. 

1. Paylater Loan App

The  Paylater App is one of the leading loan apps in Ghana, it’s easy to use and comes with lots of awesome features. Aside from getting quick loan in minutes; it in addition bestow you the opportunity of investing money which can yields an interest of up to 15.5%.
If you are looking for mobile money lending  apps in Ghana then Paylater might be your destination.

2. Quickcheck Loan App:

Quickcheck money lending app is a lending and credit system which is designed for small business enterprises and private individuals. According to QuickCheck platform, clients can receive instant and readily accessible funds for a period of either fifteen or thirty days without providing any collateral.
Loan from QuickCheck comes with interest at 1% daily for the number of days you will be holding the loan (30 days maximum).

3. Aella Credit Loan App

Aella Credit loan platform was launched to cater for employees of companies in their interest to access cash at the most competitive rates anywhere, but it has evolved into overtime to becoming one of the finest mobile money lending apps in Ghana. Today, individuals who may seek quick loans to meet their emergency needs can turn to Aella Credit.

4. Branch Loans App

The Branch Loan app is of the best money lending apps in Ghana that lets you apply for credit on the go, and it works 24/7 without collateral.
It is one of the fastest loan apps in Ghana. You can complete your application in seconds and receive your loan straight to your account. It’s fast, convenient and reliable.

5. FairMoney Loan App

Fairmoney Loan Is one of the latest quick money lending apps  In Ghana.
Fairmoney loan app provides quick cash for Personal finance, Health emergency, Car repairs, Rent payment and Buying consumer durable goods.
Their issue instant loans just like other mobile money lending apps in  Ghana are not backed by collateral, but instead by your creditworthiness.

In 5 minutes you can request for a Quick Loan to get an instant reply and funds transferred to your bank account.
FairMoney also provides education loan with the aim of enabling students to reach their goals in life.
A business loan is also available for small business owners who plan to start up a business or to develop an existing business.

6. Palmcredit Loan App

It is one of the popular money lending apps in Ghana that provides fast loan without collateral.
With Palmcredit getting a quick loan is simple.
PalmCredit Loan App revolutionalized the loan apps in Ghana using credit limit. You can apply for your credit limit in minutes, and then take as many instant loans as you need without further approval steps once you have not exceeded your credit limit.
As soon as you repay, your credit score is updated.
Palmcredit makes it easy for people to access a loan, anytime, anywhere.

7. KiaKia Loan App

Kiakia is relatively new among the mobile money lending apps in Ghana. Kiakia is a simple, entirely online lending platform that provides short-term loans in Ghana to help cover unexpected expenses or urgent cash needs.
With Kiakia you can apply for a loan 24/ hours a day, 7 days a week. The app comes with a quick application process that lets it know your status within minutes.
For mobile money lending in Ghana without collateral, fast and quick loans, download and apply for Kiakia loan app.

8. Fido Loans:
Fido Loan is an easy connect to cash that you can apply for an instant loan / emergency loan in ghana from your phone and get up-to 600 GHS within few minutes.

1. No collateral 
2. No guarantors 
3. Approval in minutes.


There you go! The list of the best money lending apps in Ghana.
It can be tempting to use a lot of them to get quick loans as you might need but you need to realize that lots can arise from being unable to pay back your at the stipulated time. So, make sure you can bay back before taking the loans.
It is wise to stay out of debt but if you know what you are doing debt can be used as leverage to achieve your financial goals.

Wrap It Up!

There you go! The list of the best quick loan apps in Nigeria.
It can be tempting to use a lot of them to get quick loans as you might need but you need to realize that lots of financial stress can arise from being unable to pay back your at the stipulated time. So, make sure you can bay back before taking the loans.
It is wise to stay out of debt but if you know what you are doing debt can be used as leverage to achieve your financial goals
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