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Top 10 Loan Apps In Kenya

Have you ever been in a situation when you need an instant loan and you don’t have any collateral to present? Do you need a personal loan,  student loan or business loan and you don’t want to go through the hassle of filling endless forms and meeting up with unrealistic requirements?
Then this post is for you as I will be showing you some of the loan apps in Kenya where you can get instant loans online with or without presenting any collateral.
Few years ago getting a loan in Kenya was almost impossible especially getting one without a collateral. The only way you can get an instant loan without collateral then is by approaching your loved ones.
The commercial and microfinance banks make matter worse as they will demand unrealistic documents and collateral from you to give you paltry sum which cannot fully cater for your urgent need and in most cases it takes between 4 weeks to 12 weeks before they will approve and disburse the loan.

So without wasting much of your time I will be showing you the top loan apps in Kenya where you can get instant loans with or without collaterals.


Tala loan is one of the foremost and best instant loan apps in Kenya. They have been around for some years now and they have shown tremendous growth. Tala loan is one of the most popular and most used quick loan app in the kenya currently.
You can get loans from KSH1000 above depending on the amount you want and if your loan is approved it will be disbursed to your account within a specific time.

To access loan from Carbon just download the Tala Loan applicationn, register and fill in your correct information. You will be shown how much they are willing to offer you for a start after that. Note that you can always increase your loan limit by paying back on time.


Okash loan  is relatively new, they have made a name for themselves and grown large user base due to the flexibility of their app and loan structure.

Okash offers loan of up to KSH8000 to individuals instantly with or without any collateral or paperwork. Their interest rate is equally friendly.

To access loan from Okash Loan just download the Okash Loan app, register and fill in your correct information. You will be shown how much they are willing to offer you for a start after that. 


Branch is another popular app that offers loan to individuals and small businesses at a reduced interest rate. Branch makes accessing personal loans to individuals very easy as it takes few mins to register with them and apply for loan. Loans are usually disbursed within few minutes.

Branch offers loans of up to KSH20000 for just about 20% interest rate. Branch has disbursed over KSH1billion in loans in the recent years. 

Ipesa is relatively one of the latest loan apps In Kenya. Ipesa loan app do not require collateral or guarantor before giving you loan they only rely on your creditworthiness.

Ipesa loan app provides quick cash for personal finance, business etc. Your approved loan is disbursed within a specific duration. Ipesa Loan can give you a loan of up to KSH20,000.


Mshwari  is a digital bank in partnership with the Commercial Bank Of Africa.

The minimum loan of Mshwari is KSH100.

Mshwari loans repayment duration is approximately 30 days and attract an interest rate of 7.5%. Their Loan disbursement is done through Mpesa and processed within a specific duration.


Zenka is one of the popular and foremost instant loan apps in Kenya. Zenka offers individual personal loan up to KSH10000. They also offer loans for salary earners. Their interest rate is equally friendly and you can increase your loan amount and reduce your rate by repaying your loan on time.

Timiza loan app is sponsored by barclay bank. Something unique about Timiza Loan app is that it is available to all Kenyans and not only to the bank customers only.


Haraka which means “ quick” in Swahili language is one of the fastest means to get instant personal and business loans in Kenya.

With Haraka loan app you can get up to KSH 500 - KSH5000.


This app guarantees immediate loan for kenyans. You are provided information on how to get quick loans in your country with this app. The minimum cash you can receive is KSH500 - KSH100000 with a friendly interest rate.
This is a lending and credit system app developed for business enterprises and private individuals. 
The minimum loan limit is Ksh 50 and a maximum of up to Ksh 1,000,000. With the interest rate of 1.16% per month. 

So that’s the list of the 10 loan apps in Kenya. Do you have any experience using any of the apps? kindly share your experience below the comment box.
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