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Lucrative Farming Business In Kenya (Everything You Need To Know)

Farming in Kenya has taken a dramatic turn to a better direction in recent years, creating jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurs who dare venture into farming business. Millionaires are currently being made every year through farming in Kenya and there is certainly no end to the prospects of creating more wealth through farming in the coming years.

There are good reasons why farming in Kenya is doing very well. Understanding these reasons will help you (no matter where you come from) to think seriously about setting up farm in Kenya.

1) There is no any other country where Farming is as viable as it is in Kenya in terms of productivity and profitability.

2) There is no other country where farmers are more advantaged as they are in Kenya as regards demands for the produce. Take a look at my top five reasons why you must venture into Farming in Kenya.

Why Should I Start Farming In Kenya?

(1) Kenya has a huge population of over 90 million people, twice more than the populations of some other african countries combined. The entire population of Kenya depends on staple foods produced from farms and other farm produces for their daily meals and sustenance. More than 80 percent of Kenyans buy their farm produce from the market.

(2) Kenya has large expanses of fertile farmlands laying fallow across the nation. Kenyan land area when measured in sq km is about 910,770. The land area of any country is the country’s total area, excluding areas that are considered to be water bodies. So, Kenya has one of the biggest expanse of Land in Africa of which 70 percent is available for farming.

(3) Kenyan Government is seriously turning its attention to promoting farming in Kenya to help boost food productions in the country and minimize food importation. The government is willing to assist any would be farming entrepreneur/investors with the necessary supports and logistics.

(4) Kenyans boasts the highest purchasing power in Africa, far more than any other indigenous Africans. We buy things here and we pay cash. Talk about parties, Kenyans are one of the most merriment people on earth. The food used for parties and merriment in Kenya can feed other African countries.

(5) By the time Kenya attain its full capacity utilization is agriculture, farming will become great foreign currency earner more than the oil. The implication is that Kenyan farmers will be able to earn in Ksh and in Dollars as well as other foreign currencies.

List of 10 Profitable Farming in Kenya

The prospect for farming in Kenya is so high that only a fool will ignore it. Having said that, let’s take a closer look at some of the types of Farming in Nigeria.

1. Rice Farming

Kenya has one of the world’s highest Rice consumption stat. Rice is by far one of the most popular staple food among Kenyans. Almost every family eats rice daily in Kenya. In the recent years alone, Kenya spent billions on rice importation and the rice we import are said to be nothing less than 10 years old in storage. That means we spent billions buying rice that has since lost its nutritional values.

Any entrepreneur who goes into rice farming and get it right is sure to be smiling to the bank. A bag of rice is currently sold for a given amount depending on the quality. A farmer who is able to invest in large scale rice production in Kenya and able to produce Bags of processed Rice in a year, sell at wholesale price of about ksh10,000 per bag, he will be making 10,000 x 100,000 = N1,000,000,000 ($3million).

2. Cassava Farming

The popularity of cassava as the major source of food for Kenyans dates back to ages. Between Garri and Rice, it is hard to tell which one is the most popular food in Kenya. Both are the most consumed food staples among the citizen. I think if one is the King the other should be the Queen.

A bag of Garri costs almost the same as a bag of rice. Apart from garri, there are countless of other food stuffs that are processed from Cassava in Kenya. The introduction of the high yield species of Cassava has made it possible for Kenyan cassava farmers to produce more cassava per plot. Nearly every land in Kenya is good for growing Cassava and 1 Acre, when properly planted and managed can produce thousands of Ksh worth of cassava in a year!

3. Plantain Plantation

One thing I like about Plantain is that when planted once, it keeps producing year in year out for eternity. Like Rice and Garri, Plantain is widely consumed in Kenya. Any food that is popular in Kenya is always a huge income earner due to the population of the country.

I really haven’t seen Farmers in Kenya taking advantage of the opportunity in Plantain Farming to create wealth for themselves. Plantain is highly priced in Kenya and is always in high demand all year round. Fry it, Boil it, Roast it — it will never get angry with you, that’s how liberal Plantain is. I can tell you, Millions of ksh is currently lying fallow untapped in this sector of Farming in Kenya.

4. Poultry Farming

Everyone knows how profitable poultry farming is, it doesn’t need much introduction. Yet, it is still not fully tapped. What we currently have is few badly managed, scantily equipped poultry farms here and there. I’m yet to see a full fledged, high tech poultry farm.

Entrepreneur who is able to fire up serious investment into this sector will have huge profit to contend with. The reason is because Kenyans eat chicken more than snakes does and 70% of our consumption still based on importation. The egg is yet another goldmine!

5. Pineapple Farming

Money is sweet, everything sweet is money, and Pineapple is sweet. Ask any Farmer and he will tell you how huge the income in Pineapple farming is in their country. Any juice maker that doesn’t have Pineapple flavor variety in his product line is not yet in business. That tells you how popular Pineapple is, not only in Kenya but worldwide.

Kenya seems to have better soil for Pineapple Farming with some other contries where Farmers are making it big in the business. A Pineapple sells in Mile-12 market in Lagos for about ksh200. If you are able to harvest one million in a year, you will earn at least ksh80 x 1,000,000 = ksh80,000,000

6. Beans Farming

A bag of Beans cost twice more than a bag of Rice and Garri. Some people are already making it big in Beans Farming, supplying almost all over Kenya and beyond.

7. Catfish Farming

Catfish Business is really hyping in Kenya right now but how many are really getting it right? Get it right and you’re in money. A single Catfish sells for ksh700 in Restaurants and about ksh400 in open market.

8. Goat Rearing

Its only in some parts of Kenya that goat is reared in commercial quantity. I don’t know why we are so looking down on farm investment in the other parts even though there are millions to be made in this business.

In other countries of the world, Farmers are among the Richest people – Get involved in professional goat rearing and make money for yourself. A full grown goat sells for between ksh15,000 to ksh40,000

9. Snail Farming

I see Snail Farming really picking up in Kenya very soon — but if you don’t hurry up, others will make all the money before you realize what you are missing.  The potential in this business for you is about ksh50,000,000 Annual revenue.

10. Maize Farming

You wiill never know the profit in Maize Farming in Kenya until you try it. One thing I like about maize is that everything happens fast. It takes less than Four months between planting and harvesting

These are the basic thing you need to know about farming in Kenya. Drop us a comment if you are have got a question concerning farming in Kenya.
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