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How To Start Goat Farming In Kenya (Best Guide)

Goat farming in Kenya is a good agricultural business, they are less expensive than cattle to maintain and can bring you lots of money if you know your markets very well.

They are highly strong resistant animals that can withstand any climate. Since they are ruminants like cattle, the feed mostly on roughages examples are grasses, brouse plant, and fodder plants. A full market size goat can be sold from ksh20,000 and above.

This, however, depends on your location and festive seasons. Goats reproduce twin or triplets twice a year which is good for business.

Therefore if you are looking for an animal rearing business in Kenya which can fetch you good cash without much stress, then take a look at Goat Farming.

Goats are mainly reared for meat, milk and hide and skin. The milk from the goat is the richest of all milk produced. Breeds of goats that can be found include:

1. Nnadi
2.  Angora
3. west African long-legged goat
4. West African dwarf goat
5. Bantu anglo-nubian
6. Alphine
7. Toggenburg
8. Nub…

Requirement To Start Cabbage Farming In Kenya

Cabbage farming in Kenya is not yet very popular  because of the belief that it will not do well except in a place like certain parts.

But quite recently a group of aggressive farmers have come out to prove this notion wrong.

There are few farmers that have actually experimented on it and have proven it to be true, cabbage farming can be planted anywhere in Kenya with optimum success.

Cabbage is a leafy vegetable from the family of Brassica. It is the head that is mostly eaten while the leaves are either cut out (dispose), use for compost manure, use in the feeding of animals etc. It grows better in a cool moist environment; the temperature is between 55-60 F. They are some species that accepts temperature within 20-25F.

In Kenya, for you to find out or know exactly if cabbage consumption is high, is during festive periods such Christmas, Sallah etc.

Cabbage is mostly used in salad preparation, food decoration, vegetables for soup/pottage and can as well be eaten raw. It contains calcium w…

How To Start Strawberry Farming In Kenya: Everything You Need To Know

Strawberry farming in Kenya is currently an untapped goldmine that few farmers and agribusiness investors are aware of. Although strawberry farming is not popular in Kenya the major set back is the poor knowledge of the farming process in Kenya. Many Kenyan farmers have no idea of how to cultivate strawberries for cash.

The purpose of this article is to help provide you with the needed information and guidance on how to succesfully start strawberry farming in Kenya.

Every bit of information about strawberry farming will be provided you via this article so continue reading.

In Kenya, starting strawberry farming business requires experience, and capital. You have to understand that it is not a walk in the park; therefore you need to be prepare.

Business Opportunities in Strawberry Farming In Kenya

The consumption of strawberries has been on the increase in Kenya unlike what we have seen in time past. Strawberry farming is gradually getting the attention needed to make it a very popular agrib…

How To Start Mushroom Farming In Kenya

Mushroom farming in Kenya is one of the farming business that holds high prospect but has never gained ground so far. Whether you decide to grow your mushrooms in your garden (for private consumption) or in a big farm (for commercial use), it is important that you know some important steps to take when growing mushroom.

Only few that are into mushroom farming in Kenya are making serious money and the process of starting mushroom farm is quite simple. Another good thing about mushroom farming is that it is not capital intensive. And the demand for mushrooms is quite high in the market. You can be making as high as one million every 3 months if you take up mushroom farming now in commercial quantity.

What Is a Mushroom?

A mushroom is a kind of fungi that grows on the soil or on the body of its food, usually decaying tree trunks. It is the fleshy part of the fruiting body of a fungus. Aside from the delicious taste of edible mushrooms, it also has numerous health benefits.

The button mushroo…

How To Start Tomato Farming In Kenya (Step By Step Guide)

Tomato is one of the most important cooking ingredient in Kenya. 80% percent of our food is never complete without tomato. We use it in cooking stews, soups, salads, portages, and virtually every food imaginable in the land. It goes with everything. So good that none of our traditional foods ever rejected tomato. This report explains how to start lucrative tomato farming in Kenya.

Benefits Of Tomato Farming In Kenya

1. Health –

This wonderful fruit berry is an excellent source of good amount of vitamin C and beta-carotene. Tomatoes deep redness mean it’s a very good source of antioxidant agents. It’s a powerful source of vitamin E and enhance the health and sharpness of the eyes. You can never go wrong with tomatoes as far as nutrition and health is concerned.

2. Profit –

The market is always there for tomatoes in Kenya. Why not? A product that is consumed by millions of people, no amount you produced that will ever going to be enough. In the recent years, Kenya imported 2809 tonnes of pro…

Rabbit Farming In Kenya: Step By Step Guide

Rabbit farming in Kenya is one of the aspects of a successful agricultural business that you can be involved into. Over one million tons of rabbit meat is consumed every year. That`s a great source of income in Kenya. Moreover, rabbits can be used not only as meat, but a great source of fur, and you can even raise them to be home pets!

What is Rabbit Farming?

It`s a commercial rearing of rabbits, primary for sale purposes. You can breed them to sell their meat or fur. Rabbit Farming in kenya does not involve many expenses in the production of rabbits. Moreover, the nature of rabbits and their breeding preferences can certainly help a newbie in the business.

Risks of Rabbit Farming In Kenya:

1.You should construct rabbits` cages difficult to be penetrated by intruders.

2. Rabbits can be eaten or killed by almost any other animal. Therefore, insects, soldier ants, and snakes can easily destroy rabbit breeds.

3. Infections can easily infect your rabbits. Therefore, watch carefully after any oc…

Watermelon Farming In Kenya: Step By Step Guide

Watermelon farming in Kenya is one of the mainstay of agriculture in the country. This is so because the country is gradually witnessing a shift from crude oil focused exports, to agricultural produce focused exports.

This has seen an increase in the level of foreign exchange earned by Kenya, and by extension the farmers. Poverty is being reduced to a bare minimum through this. In this article, we will focus on an agricultural produce which is in high demand both domestically and internationally.

This produce is non other than watermelon. The watermelon fruit is highly nutritious as well as having the much needed water to hydrate your body. Due to its high nutritious content it is recommended by nutritionists to to be taken as often as possible.

Some Nutritious Benefits of Watermelon:

Having introduced the subject of our discussion, let’s check out some nutritious benefits of this fruit to the body. Why is watermelon a highly desirable fruit? It is simply because it is made up of 92% wate…

Garlic Farming In Kenya (Everything You Need To Know)

Garlic farming in Kenya is another goldmine you are letting slip right through your fingers. This very profitable vegetable of the Allium family is widely seen as good health enhancing supplements for humans.

It will interest you to know that garlic has antioxidant properties which helps maintain good blood circulation. Garlic also helps in maintaining the good functioning of the heart and the immune systems.

What is holding you from venturing into garlic farming in Kenya?   The objective of this article is to provide you with adequate information regarding garlic farming in Kenya.

In this article, you will get to know most of the things about the following:

Garlic yield per hectare
The economic importance of garlic
Garlic farming in Kenya
Where does garlic grow?
How much is a bag of garlic in Kenya
Just keep reading as you are going to be amazed at the profit potential of garlic farming in Kenya.

How To Start Your Garlic Farming Business In Kenya

For you to be successful in any business venture…